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Navy Aerobatic Air Shows
Presented by Warbird Aviation Rendezvous, Inc.

Navy Aerobatics offers two different types of rides in the U.S. Navy WW II SNJ-5 training aircraft.

1. A sightseeing ride which is a gentle 15 minute ride around the countryside SNJ-5 Take Off


2. An aerobatic ride which incorporates all the maneuvers that are performed during the NAA air show demonstration. Maneuvers include several types of rolls, the loop and combinations of both rolls and loops. "G" loads on the body normally from 3½ positive on the bottom of the loop and vertical-8 or Cuban-8, to 0 "G" at the top of the loop. An exhilarating experience. Dive
Climb This ride will last around 20 minutes and includes additional briefings on how to wear and use a parachute. Don't be alarmed, it is a Federal Regulation that a pilot briefs a passenger on the use of a parachute while performing aerobatic maneuvers. We have no intention of using the chute but we have to cover that detail as part of the total flight briefing. All rides are flown with the passenger in the rear seat which is where the flight instructor usually sat. This is to facilitate the normal operation of flight controls and insurance requirements.

Sightseeing Ride: $350

Aerobatic Ride: $500

Rides are scheduled on an individual basis and would normally be flown from the Lincoln, Illinois (Logan County - KAAA) airport due to air traffic congestion at the Springfield, Illinois airport.

Weather conditions play a big part on ride schedule. There is little to no cockpit heat available. I normally try to schedule several rides at a time to facilitate the movement of the plane. Weekends are normally preferred but a weekday is not out of the question. Gift Certificates are available as these make great presents for family and friends.


Thanks for your interest and feel free to contact me either via email or phone listed on the page.


Clyde Zellers email
(217) 299-1799 C



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